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CFP: Unconditional Thinking (11th De Philosophia Conference, Ottawa, April 11th 2015)

Alessandro Esposito // Nov 24, 2014

We are pleased to announce a call for papers (for graduate and undergraduate students) for conference on Unconditional Thinking, organized by …

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Open Access Week: An article by Michela Bordignon

hegelpd // Oct 20, 2014

In celebration of the International Open Access Week, we are pleased to share on Padua@research an article by Michela Bordignon, entitled …

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Priest On Hegel and Dialetheism

Alessandro Esposito // Apr 2, 2014

During the workshop “On Contradictions” organized at the University of Padua on December 12th to 13th 2013 Elena Tripaldi and Alessandro Esposito …

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On the “Hegel-renassaince” in the English speaking world (“Introduction” from «Verifiche», XLI/1-3)

Selene Mezzalira // Mar 12, 2014

We are pleased to host in our website a text written by Mario De Caro and Luca Illetterati on the …

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Is Hegel a Dialetheist?

hegelpd // Dec 11, 2013

One of the most scandalous aspects of Hegel’s Science of Logic is the way he thinks of contradiction. In a …

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Padua Workshop on Contradictions

hegelpd // Dec 5, 2013

On Contradictions December, 12th-13th University of Padua, Sala Giacon On December 12th to 13th a workshop will be held at the University …

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