Padua Workshop on Contradictions

On Contradictions

December, 12th-13th
University of Padua, Sala Giacon

On December 12th to 13th a workshop will be held at the University of Padua under the title “On Contradictions”.

Keynote speaker of the workshop will be Prof. Graham Priest (Melbourne, CUNY), who will be presenting a paper titled “Much Ado About Nothing. An Investigation of the Contradictory Object Which is Nothingness”.

The afternoon will then host talks by S. Baiasu (Keele/Vienna), T. Brouwer (Aberdeen), M. Bordignon (Porto Alegre, PUCRS) and L. Illetterati (Padua). The next day talks will be given by T. Takho, V. Raspa (Urbino), M. Plebani (Venezia), M. Carrara and E. Martino (Padua).

The event is a result of the PRIN research project “Realismo e Oggettività” (Realism and Objectivity) and of the AHRC Grant “The Metaphysical Basis of Logic: The Law of Non-Contradiction as Basic Knowledge”, and involves the Graduate School in Philosophy and the Cogito Research Centre in Philosophy.

The hosting venue is Sala Giacon (P.zza Capitaniato, 3) and works will start at 11.30, Dec 12th. The entire event was organised and will be chaired by Massimiliano Carrara, Luca Illetterati, Vittorio Morato.

For further information, please look up the attached program:


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by Elena Tripaldi

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