Open Access Week: An article by Michela Bordignon

In celebration of the International Open Access Week, we are pleased to share on Padua@research an article by Michela Bordignon, entitled Contradiction or Non-Contradiction? Hegel’s Dialectict between Brandom and Priest (“Verifiche”, 71 (2012), n. 1-3, pp. 221-245).

The abstract of the article:

The aim of the paper is to analyse Brandom’s account of Hegel’s conception of determinate negation and the role this structure plays in the dialectical process with respect to the problem of contradiction. After having shown both the merits and the limits of Brandom’s account, I will refer to Priest’s dialetheistic approach to contradiction as an alternative contemporary perspective from which it is possible to capture essential features of Hegel’s notion of contradiction, and I will test the equation of Hegel’s dialectic with Priest dialetheism.

Here is the link to the complete article.

Additional contributions will be posted regularly throughout the next week.

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*Special thanks to Alberto Vanzo, Laura Prosdocimi, Cristiana Bettella, the Library of the Department of Philosophy and the University Library Centre of Padua for supporting hegelpd during Open Access Week.
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