Upcoming: hegelpd and International Open Access Week. Articles online.

The International Open Access Week is now entering its eighth year, and hegelpd is going to be part of it.

Open access articles will soon be available online (October 20th – 26th, 2014)




What is Open Access (OA)? Open Access is the online, immediate, free of charge access to scholarly research material (journal articles, theses, book chapters etc.), free of most copyright and licensing restriction. (Click here for more information)

What is International Open Access Week (October 20th – 26th, 2014):  The OA week is a global event, now in its 8th edition, involving conferences, seminars, and various events all around the world focusing on the OA concept. It is organized to allow academic and research communities to learn about the potential benefits of OA, promote wider participation in this new movement, and enable circluation of research with improved accessibility.  Here is the official website.



Open Acces Week and hegelpd: hegelpd will post scholarly journal articles, as well as other important contributions, easily accessible and free on the open access research website of the University of Padua.

Get involved with Open Access, share your work: If you want to take part in the event by sharing your articles and other contributions with fellow scholars on hegelpd, please contact us at




*Special thanks to Alberto Vanzo, Laura Prosdocimi, Cristiana Bettella, the Library of the Department of Philosophy and the University Library Centre of Padua for supporting hegelpd during Open Access Week.
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