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Intervista a Remo Bodei

Marco Ferrari // Dec 24, 2014

Martedì 26 novembre 2014, Remo Bodei, Professor in Residence presso la University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), ha tenuto, presso …

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Open Access Week: Sergio Soresi on Normativity, Spirit and Freedom. Starting from Hegel

Michela Bordignon // Oct 25, 2014

In celebration of the International Open Access Week, we are pleased to share on Padua@research an article by Sergio Soresi, entitled Normatività, spirito, libertà. A …

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Call for partecipation: “Logic in Kant’s Wake” (McMaster University, Ontario 6-7 Jan, 2015)

Michela Bordignon // Oct 10, 2014

We are pleased to announce the international workshop Logic in Kant’s Wake that will be held at The Bertrand Russell …

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News: Reading group on Kant’s “Critique of Judgment” (London Metropolitan University, CASEP)

Alessandro Esposito // Sep 29, 2014

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new reading group focusing on Kant at London Metropolitan University (Room …

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Priest On Hegel and Dialetheism

Alessandro Esposito // Apr 2, 2014

During the workshop “On Contradictions” organized at the University of Padua on December 12th to 13th 2013 Elena Tripaldi and Alessandro Esposito …

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Abstract: Suzanne Dürr, “Philosophie als das Ende der Kunst? Das Verhältnis von Kunst und Philosophie bei Hegel und Danto” (“Von Hegel bis Heute” – Rome, 16-18 December 2013) (II)

Marco Ferrari // Feb 27, 2014

From December 16-18, 2013 an Italian-German workshop, “Da Hegel ad oggi. Sviluppi della riflessione estetica tedesca e italiana dopo la …

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New book: “Idealismo e concretezza. Il paradigma epistemico hegeliano” di Paolo Giuspoli

Daniele Bertoletti // Jan 22, 2014

Segnaliamo l’uscita del nuovo libro di Paolo Giuspoli dal titolo Idealismo e concretezza. Il paradigma epistemico hegeliano (Franco Angeli). Dalla quarta …

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Maurizio Ferraris on Philosophy and the Internet

hegelpd // Dec 28, 2013

In the December 19th issue of la Repubblica, one of the most important Italian newspapers, Maurizio Ferraris writes about the …

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Franco Chiereghin on the concept of “the Concept” in Hegel’s Science of Logic

hegelpd // Nov 1, 2013

We are kicking off the “Ideas” section of our blog with a summary of Franco Chiereghin’s presentation “The Concept: Forward and …

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What is hegelpd?

hegelpd // Nov 1, 2013

hegelpd is the blog of the classical German philosophy research group at the PhD School in Philosophy at the University …

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