Maurizio Ferraris on Philosophy and the Internet

In the December 19th issue of la Repubblica, one of the most important Italian newspapers, Maurizio Ferraris writes about the new possibilities that arise from the interaction between the internet and philosophy. This “webacademy,” as he calls the array of blogs and websites concerning philosophy, complements the “official” academy in a cosmopolitan way and furnishes a space in which to share texts and opinions in a different manner.

According to Ferraris, this new tool is leading to three principal transformations: it fosters a parallel relationship between production and reception, transcending the traditional cultural, social, and media domains while acting as both archive and distribution center; it permits a higher level of independence with regard to topics, cultural tendencies, and institutions; it allows for the questioning of philosophical hierarchies (analytic, continental, and pop) in order to get the best from each one.

Ferraris mentions “hegelpd” and the following international websites:

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by Francesco Campana and Giovanna Miolli


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