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New Release: G. Anthony Bruno, “Schelling’s Philosophy” (Oxford University Press, 2020)

New Release: G. Anthony Bruno, "Schelling's Philosophy" (Oxford University Press, 2020)

We are  glad to give notice of the release of the book Schelling’s Philosophy. Freedom, Nature, and Systematicity, edited by G. Anthony Bruno (Oxford University Press, 2020).

From the publisher’s website:

The current wave of critical and historical engagement with idealist texts affords an unprecedented opportunity to discover the richness and value of the thought of F. W. J. Schelling. In this volume leading scholars offer compelling reasons to regard Schelling as one of Kant’s most incisive interpreters, a pioneering philosopher of nature, a resolute philosopher of human finitude and freedom, a nuanced thinker of the bounds of logic and self-consciousness, and perhaps Hegel’s most effective critic. The volume provides a wide-ranging presentation of Schelling’s original contribution to, and internal critique of, the basic insights of German idealism, his role in shaping the course of post-Kantian thought, and his sensitivity and innovative responses to questions of lasting metaphysical, epistemological, ethical, aesthetic, and theological importance.

Contributors: Brady Bowman (Pennsylvania State University), Naomi Fisher (Loyola University Chicago), Paul Franks (Yale University), Markus Gabriel (University of Bonn), Sebastian Gardner (University College London), Yitzhak Melamed (Johns Hopkins University), Dalia Nassar (University of Sydney), Lara Ostaric (Temple University), Joan Steigerwald (York University), Alison Stone (Lancaster University), Richard Velkley (Tulane University).

For more information please visit the publisher’s website.

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