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Latest Issue of “Revista Opinião Filosófica” (vol. 6, n° 2, 2015)

We are glad to announce that the latest issue of “Revista Opinião Filosófica” (vol.6, n° 2, 2015) contains a thematic section devoted to the topic “Readings of Hegel’s Logic”.

The seven essays that compose this section range approach the main problem of Hegel’s work, namely, the problem of how to account for a presuppositionless study of thinking, from a variety of points of view, ranging from the critical confrontation with Kant and Fichte to the critical evaluation of Hegel’s ambition in the light of alternative logics, such as dialetheism or the modal logic of the possible worlds, or alternative ways of thinking, such as narration instead of science.

 A more detailed presentation of these essays and a summary are available at this link.

The access to the .pdf version of the full text of the articles is free and available on the same webpage.

Moreover, the new issue of “Revista Opinião Filosófica” is enriched by a translation into Portuguese of Ferrarin’s paper “The Actuality of Thinking”, about the problem of how to understand the meaning of objective thinking in Hegel.

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