hpd-digest offers an overview of the most recent activities, events and publications involving the members of hegelpd, the Research Group on Classical German Philosophy in Padova. It also includes the main events taking place in Padova, as well as the general research topics on which we are currently focusing.


HEGELIAN INTERVIEWS: Two new interviews of our series Hegelian Interviews are now out. In the last few months we had conversations with  Ludwig Siep and Alison Stone.

Professor Ludwig Siep answered some questions about his philosophical education, the critical potentialities of the concept of “recognition” in ethics and politics, the present relevance and limits of Hegel’s practical philosophy, and the ethical and bioethical challenges that arise in the contemporary world.

With Professor Alison Stone we talked about the path of her philosophical education, the relevance of Hegel’s philosophy of nature, the role played by feminist philosophy both in her own research and the future of the Hegelian studies.


2019/2020 RESEARCH SEMINAR: The topic of this year’s research seminar of the Doctoral School in Philosophy of the University of Padova is The Legacy of the Third Kantian Critique

At the moment, four seminars have already taken place. The first one with Francesca Menegoni on The Critique of Judgement: a systematic, dynamic and innovative project (October 22nd); the second one with Barbara Santini on Hölderlin and the Critique of Judgement: a legacy and a task (November 12th); the third one with Annapaola Varaschin on Regulative use of reason and reflective faculty of judgment. A comparison between the first and third Critique (Dec 3rd); and the fourth one with Giulia La Rocca on The man as a purpose. The problem of progress in Kant and Hegel (Dec 10th).


WORKSHOPS: The workshop on Metaphilosophical Perspectives in Classical German Philosophy, organized by Luca Corti, Luca Illetterati and Giovanna Miolli was held at the University of Padova on September 18-19, 2019.

The workshop on Art and Knowledge in Classical German Philosophy, organized by Francesco Campana and Gabriele Tomasi took place at the University of Padova on December 19-20, 2019. 

The International Conference Il governo dell’entropia. Percorsi filosofico-politici a partire da La società automatica di Bernard Stiegler, organized by Marco Ferrari and Edoardo Toffoletto was held at the University of Padova on October 9, 2019.



Here a list of recent publications by members and collaborators of hegelpd:








Silvia Locatelli has been awarded an Erasmus+ scholarship for 2019/2020. She will be working at the University of Lancaster, supervised by Professor Alison Stone.

Giovanna Luciano has been awarded a 2020 Research Fellowship at the Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici with a project on the meaning of Hegel’s logic in light of his lectures.

Armando Manchisi is winner of the 13th edition of the Sainati Prize (2018-2019) with an essay on Hegel’s critique of ethical non-cognitivism. The contribution has been published in the journal of philosophical studies Teoria.

Giovanna Miolli has been awarded a 2020 Research Fellowship at the Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici with a project on “The Scientificity of Philosophy”, a new paradigm for inclusive rationality, involving perspectives from Hegel, contemporary metaphilosophy, and feminist epistemologies.


HEGELPD-PRIZE: On the occasion of the sixth birthday of hegelpd has been launched the hegelpd-prize. The prize is awarded to high-quality scientific contributions recently appeared in the field of Hegelian studies. The author will be invited to Padova to present the work and to discuss it with the members of the research group at hegelpd.


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