CFP: hegelpd-prize

On the occasion of the sixth birthday of hegelpd we are very glad to launch the hegelpd-prize. The prize is awarded to high-quality scientific contributions recently appeared in the field of Hegelian studies. The author will be invited to Padova to present the work and to discuss it with the members of the research group at hegelpd



  • Articles and books related to Hegel and to remarkable interpretations of Hegel’s philosophy which have been published in the last two years are eligible. For 2019, the prize will be awarded to books and articles published in 2017 and 2018. For books, only the first print is valid; for articles, eligibility is determined by the volume year of the journal.
  • To be considered for the hegelpd-prize, a work must be written in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese.



Anyone interested in classical German Philosophy can submit nominations.
They are individual and they include self-nominations as well as the proposal of an eligible work, which could be discussed at hegelpd

Questions may be directed to



Nominations should include:

  • the author’s name, 
  • the article/book’s title, 
  • the journal/publisher’s name, 
  • the publication year. 

Each nomination should attach a brief explanatory statement (max. 1000 characters), in order to substantiate the proposal.

Incomplete or late submissions, as well as nominations to which no statement of reasons is attached, will not be taken into consideration.

The submission process is open until December 31st, 2019.

Email with the nomination should be sent to


Selection process

A selection committee will read all submissions and rank them with regard to the mission of the prize: to choose the work devoted to Hegel in 2017/2018, which (i) meets the scientific interests of the research group of classical German Philosophy of Padova and (ii) provides hegelpd the opportunity to discuss a challenging line of research meant to reframe the contemporary Hegelian debate.

The shortlist from the works submitted for the prize is based on the scores of the committee. It will include at least 3, but not more than 7 articles/books. The selection committee members are chosen among the Editorial Staff and the Editorial Board of the blog on the basis of their experience as researchers in the field of classical German Philosophy.

The jury will then read all shortlisted books to determine the winner.
It is comprised of the leading scholars of the academic blog of the Classical German Philosophy research group at the University of Padova, prof. L. Illetterati, prof. F. Menegoni, prof. A.M. Nunziante, along with the Editorial Staff.

Shortlisted works will be notified not after mid-February, 2020.
The winner will be chosen at the end of March 2020 with a justification of the criteria for the choice.



The winner will be hosted at hegelpd and will give a talk in a workshop devoted to the presentation of her/his contribute. She/He will be expected to take part in a debate with some discussant, who will ask her/him questions on the work presented for the prize and will engage in its critical discussion. 

The event will take place approximately between May and June 2020. The exact date of the workshop will be decided jointly by the prize winner and the research group. 


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