Call for Translation Projects: Bloomsbury Series in Modern German Philosophy

We are glad to give notice of the call for translation projects, edited by Courtney Fugate and Anne Pollock, for the Bloomsbury Series in Modern German Philosophy.

Below you can find the text of the call.


We are currently accepting proposals for translation projects in German philosophy stretching roughly from Christian Thomasius to Immanuel Kant. By encouraging research into specific and neglected topics as well as hitherto marginalized figures, this translation initiative aims to deepen our understanding of both the unity and the diversity of the German philosophical tradition, as well as of the connections between this tradition and other developments in the modern period.

Examples of current series projects are a new translation of Fichte’s Vocation of the Human Being and the collection Key Texts in Early German Life Science Debates: Theories of Generation and Race. Suitable projects include, but are not limited to, collections relating to the philosophical foundations of the individual sciences, collections of writings by groups of marginalized figures or on hitherto neglected topics, and previously-untranslated works by major figures of the period (such as Christian Thomasius, Christian Wolff, Christian August Crusius, Johann Heinrich Lambert, or Johann Nikolaus Tetens). Re-translations of works will only be considered if the proposal demonstrates both the need and the market for an updated edition.

We are particularly interested in publishing full translations of works by Dorothea Erxleben and Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten’s Aesthetica.

We are committed to supporting accepted translation projects both during and after their completion. The usual royalties scheme is offered for accepted projects, and, in the case of particularly desirable translations, an additional honorarium will be provided.

Selected translations will have a future volume of specially-commissioned essays devoted to them, possibly with the translator serving as guest-editor.

Brief notes of interest, including your name, affiliation, CV and information about the work you wish to translate should be sent to


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