Workshop: New York German Idealism Workshop – Spring 2023

Workshops: New York German Idealism Workshop - Spring 2023

We are glad to give notice of the Spring 2023 programme of the New York German Idealism Workshop (NYGIW).

All events will take place in person from 4:30-6:30pm unless otherwise noted. Locations are listed by the dates in parentheses. There may also be COVID-related requirements to access campuses as a non-affiliate.

For further information, please visit the website of NYGIW.

The first workshop of the semester will take place on Wednesday, February 15 from 4-6pm at The New School, Room L502, at 2 W 13th Street.


James Kreines (Claremont McKenna College)
“From Shapeless Abyss Towards Self-Developing Thought: Taking Hegel on Spinoza Seriously”
Wednesday, Feb 15, 4pm (The New School, Room L502, at 2 W 13th Street )

Georg Spoo (Universität Freiburg)
“Grounds and Limits of Immanent Critique: Kant, Hegel, Marx”
Feb 24 (Columbia, Room TBA)

Heikki Ikäheimo (UNSW Sydney)
“Hegel, Humanity, and Social Critique”
Mar 3 (Zoom)

Stephen Howard (KU Leuven)
“Kant’s Late Philosophy of Nature: The Opus Postumum”
Mar 24 (Columbia, Room TBA)

Karin de Boer (KU Leuven)
“Does Kant’s Antinomy of Pure Reason Amount to an A Priori History of Rational Cosmology?”
Apr 11 (Columbia, Room TBA)

Eva von Redecker (Humboldt Universität)
Title TBA
Apr 15, 4pm Co-sponsored by The New School Graduate Student Conference

Giulia Battistoni
(University of Verona/Boston University)
“Nature, Life, Organism: The Legacy of Romanticism and Classical German Philosophy in Jonas’ Philosophical Biology”
Apr 21 (The New School)

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