Workshop: “Kantianism in Contemporary Ethics and Political Philosophy” (Münster, March 1st 2018)

We are glad to announce the one-day conference on Kantianism in Contemporary Ethics and Political Philosophy, which will take place in Münster (Germany) on March 1st 2018.

You can find the complete program of the workshop below.





10-11.15: Sven Nyholm: “Kantian Ethics and Artificial Agency”

11.30-12.45: Garrath Williams: “Toward a Kantian understanding of corporations”

12.45-14.15: Lunch

14.15-15.30: Matthias Hoesch, Martin Sticker: “In Defense of Maxims – A Reply to Parfit’s Criticism of Kant”

15.45-17.00: Irina Schumski: “The Rigorism Objection to Kantian Ethics – Three Responses”

17.15-18.30: Corinna Mieth: “On positive and negative duties”


Registration is free, all welcome. Please email for any queries.

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