Workshop: “Kant on Knowledge and Cognition” (UW-Madison, October 23-24, 2015)

We are pleased to announce a Workshop on Kant on Knowledge and Cognition, that will be held at University of Wisconsin-Madison on October 23th-24th 2015 .


Workshop on Kant on Knowledge and Cognition

This workshop will explore Kant’s views on cognition and related concepts. It is no secret that at the heart of Kant’s Critical philosophy is a sophisticated account of the nature, conditions, and limits of cognition (Erkenntnis), one of Kant’s most oft-used terms. But Kant’s epistemology, as developed in the three Critiques and other works, contains substantially more than an account of human cognition in general. For one thing, Kant is also interested in the nature, conditions, and limits of related but importantly distinct epistemic states, such as knowledge (Wissen) and belief (Glaube). For another thing, Kant is sensitive to the diversity of types of human cognition, providing detailed accounts of a number of specific sub-types: e.g. empirical, aesthetic, teleological, practical, mathematical, philosophical, and scientific, to name a few. This workshop will bring together renowned Kant scholars currently working on Kant’s general account of cognition and its limits; his views on the relationship between cognition and other epistemic states like knowledge and belief; and his detailed accounts of the various sub-types of cognition.

Time/Place: October 23-24, 2015 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Confirmed Speakers:

Angela Breitenbach (University of Cambridge)
Andrew Chignell (Cornell University)
Stefanie Grüne (Universität Postdam)
Dai Heide (Simon Fraser University)
Samantha Matherne (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Karl Schafer (University of Pittsburgh)
Lisa Shabel (The Ohio State University)
Eric Watkins (University of California, San Diego)
Daniel Warren (University of California, Berkeley)
Marcus Willaschek (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main)

There is no cost to attend, but for planning purposes, please let James Messina ( know if you are likely to be there.

Funding for this event has graciously been provided by the following sponsors: the Anonymous Fund, the Rodney J. Blackman Bequest, and the German Department at UW-Madison.

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