We are pleased to give notice of the Philosophy speaker series of The Scottish Centre for Continental Philosophy at Dundee University.

The lectures will all take place online, via Teams, at 4.00 pm (CET).

On October 28th, Andrew Cutrofello will have a talk on “Was it for this?” Brandom, Hegel, Wordsworth, Zizek, and the Terror.
The second speaker will be Peggy Kamuf. On November 18th she will speak about Measure for Measure as Play of Perjury and Pardon.
Finally, the seminar will welcome Catherine Malabou, who will lecture on the 26th of November.

Below you can find more information about the first talk by Andrew Cutrofello.


When Wordsworth began to write The Prelude he did not plan to discuss his experience of the French Revolution. Likewise, Hegel did not plan to discuss the French Revolution when he began to write The Phenomenology of Spirit. Eventually both authors realized that they couldn’t make sense of their respective protagonists’ failures and achievements without working through their time in France. Slavoj Žižek has argued that Robert Brandom’s interpretation of the Phenomenology fails to account for Hegel’s conception of absolute freedom as revolutionary terror. I assess this criticism by examining the different ways in which Brandom and Žižek read both Hegel and Wordsworth. I conclude that their disagreement about what it would mean, for Hegel, to successfully confess and forgive the Terror amounts to a restaging of the dialectic of confession and forgiveness.

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