Third Biannual Conference of the Australian Hegel Society: “Confronting Crisis” (Online Event, 2-3 Dicember, 2021)

Third Biannual Conference of the Australian Hegel Society: "Confronting Crisis" (Online Event, 2-3 Dicember, 2021)

We are glad to give notice that the Third Biannual Conference of the Australian Hegel Society: Confronting Crisis, hosted by the New South Wales University Sydney and the Macquaire University, will take place online on 2-3 December, 2021. The conference is organized in cooperation with Critique -Network in Social, Political and Legal thought at UNSW Sydney.


Keynote Speakers: Rahel Jaeggi (HU Berlin); Karen Ng (Vanderbilt)


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Below you can find the program of the conference.



Thursday 02 December 2021 – Australian Eastern Daylight Times (GMT+11)


Welcome and opening words 9:30

Session 1: Logic and Life 10:00-13:00

10:00     Ana María Guzmán Olmos (Bonn): Hegel’s Topology of Thought and the Genesis of the Concept

10:40     Carlos Schoof Alvarez (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú): Is the Science of Logic an exercise in immanent critique?

11:20    Break

11:40     Gene Flenady (Monash): Endless Striving or Infinite Ends? Implications of Hegel’s Logical Critique of the Is/Ought Distinction

12:20    Andy Blunden (Melbourne): Hegel on Cognition and the One

13:00    Lunch


Session 2: Hegel and Critical Theory 14:40-17:50

14:40     John Grumley (USyd): Márkus’s Critique of Habermas’s Excursus to The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity

15:20     Tivadar Vervoort (KU Leuven): Standpoint Theory and Crisis: Two Competing Crisis Theories for Political Contestation

16:00    Break

16:30     Daniel Badenhorst (Macquarie): The Crisis has not yet Matured: Crisis in the Young Hegel

17:10     Louis Carré & Frédéric Monferrand (FNRS, Namur): Confronting Adorno and the ecological crisis: the critical idea of Naturgeschichte


Keynote 19:00-20.30

Rahel Jaeggi (HU Berlin): History, Normativity and Progress: Re-Thinking Hegel’s Theory of History


Session 3: Critique, Discourse and Mastery 21:00-23:00

21:00     Giovanna Luciano (UFRGS): Hegel’s idea of philosophy as critique of the present

21:40     Mariana Teixeira (Freie Universität): Masters, Slaves, and Us: On the Ongoing Allure of Hegel’s Struggle for Recognition

22:20     Giulia Battistoni (Verona): Conciliating Private and Public Autonomy: From Habermas’ Discursive Ethics back to Hegel’s Morality and Ethical Life


Friday 03 December 2021


Keynote 9:00-10:30

Karen Ng (Vanderbilt): Species-Being and Ethical Life


Session 4: Concrete Conceptuality and Madness 11:00-12:20

11:00    Connie Wang (Columbia): Hegel on Madness as a Sickness of the Soul

11:40     Anna Cornelia Ploug (Roskilde): Hegel, de Beauvoir and the critical methodology of ‘concrete conceptuality’

12:20    Lunch


Session 5: Critique of Political Economy and its Implications 13:30-15:30

13:30     Kevin Thompson (DePaul): Hegel’s Hermeneutical Form of Social Critique and the Problem of Poverty

14:10     Bernardo Ferro (Warwick): Freedom Beyond Liberalism: Reviving Hegel’s Critique of Modern Political Economy

14:50     Viren Murthy (Winsconsin-Madison)): Hegel, Reality and the Implications of our Present Crisis

17:30     Break


Meeting of the Hegel Society of Australia 16:00-16:40


Session 6: Ethical Life, Justice and a Crisis of Values 16:40-18:40

16:40     Ayumi Takeshima (Okayama): Recognition Against the Current Crisis: Ethical Life in the Philosophy of Right.

17:20     Diego Bubbio (WSU): Hegel’s notion of Entäußerung as active justice


18:00    Finish

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