Temi e problemi della filosofia hegeliana: Wirklichkeit – Diego Bubbio, “The Reality of Religion in Hegel’s Idealist Metaphysics” (January 20, 2015, Padua)

We are pleased to announce that on Tuesday, January 20th, Diego Bubbio (University of Western Sydney) will be presenting a paper on the relation between Wirklichkeit and Religion in Hegel. The meeting is part of the Hegel-workshop at the University of Padua, this year focusing on the notion of Wirklichkeit. The title of the paper is “The Reality of Religion in Hegel’s Idealist Metaphysics”.

Below is the abstract of the paper:

In this paper, I explore the question of the degree of objective reality of the concept of God for Hegel. I first consider the contemporary interpretative debate on Hegel’s metaphysics and its implications for the Hegelian conception of God. I then analyse how Hegel’s “mediated objectivity” applies to religious representations, suggesting that a figural reading of the kind theorized by philologist Erich Auerbach should be adopted. Finally, I reconstruct Hegel’s distinction between the image (Bild) of God, the concept (Begriff) of God, and the Idea (Idee) of God, and I argue that it is in the process that turns the concept into the Idea that the answer to the question of the degree of objective reality of God in Hegel’s philosophy of religion can be retrieved.

The workshop will meet on Tuesday, January 20th, starting 4:00 p.m., in Palazzo del Capitanio, Piazza Capitaniato 3, Sala Stefanini, (Padua).


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