Talk: Francey Russell (Barnard/Columbia) “Opacity and Self-Consciousness in Kant’s Theory of Aesthetic Judgment” (Dec 4th, 2020 – New York German Idealism Workshop)

We are glad to give notice of the upcoming talk at the New York German Idealism Workshop.

Francey Russell (Barnard/Columbia) will be presenting a talk entitled “Opacity and Self-Consciousness in Kant’s Theory of Aesthetic Judgment.” Luigi Filieri (Universität Mainz) will be providing comments.
The workshop will take place virtually over Zoom on December 4th and at 4:30-6:30 pm EST.
A paper will be circulated before the talk and the format of the talk will roughly follow a 20-min presentation by the speaker, 5-10 minutes for comments, and 45 mins or so for Q&A.
The paper is accessible at this link. 
You can register for the Zoom meeting at this link. 
Meeting ID: 917 7272 1003
Passcode: 961326
For further information, please visit the event’s facebook page.
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