Talk: Christopher Yeomans and Ansgar Lyssy, “Bemerkungen zur Naturphilosophie Hegels” (Heidelberg, 8 February, 2019)

We are pleased to announce an upcoming talk in Heidelberg on Friday, February 8th, by Christopher Yeomans (Purdue) and Ansgar Lyssy (München). The title of the talk is: Bemerkungen zur Naturphilosophie Hegels: die Ausdehnung der Besonderheit als Füllen der Raumzeit.

Venue: Philosophisches Seminar, Hegelsaal (103), Schulgasse 6 – 69117 Heidelberg

Date: Februrary 8th

Time: 3 pm

For further information, you can visit the homepage of the event or contact the Philosophisches Seminar of the University of Heidelberg.

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