Reading Group in the scope of Praxis: “‘Philosophy of History’ in the German Philosophical Tradition” (Lisboa, Tuesdays, 14h00 – 16h00)

We are glad to give notice of the “Reading Group in the scope of Praxis” ‘Philosophy of History’ in the German Philosophical Tradition, which will find place on Tuesdays, from 14h00 to 16h00 (GMT) at the Universidade de Lisboa, Sala Pedro Hispano (Department of Philosophy).

The seminar is part of the CFUL activities and it is organized by Silvia Locatelli ( & Maura Ceci (

Working language is English. To participate, please send an e-mail to the convenors expressing your interest in taking part in the RG.

Please find below the description and the program of the seminar. For further information, please visit the website of the reading group.


The philosophical questioning around the concept of history has always been a lively topic of discussion, traversing different currents of thought and animating debate since ancient Greek philosophy. In general, this philosophical discipline questions the meaning of history and its unfolding, raising issues and debates around the cyclical nature or linear progress of history and the rationality or randomness of historical events. In particular, this cycle of readings focuses on German philosophical thought around the concept of history. To this end, the program will adress Kant’s conception of universal history; Hegel’s conception of history as a spiritual movement; Marx’s conception of history as a material process; the social-cultural implications on history elaborated by Weber; Benjamin’s radically antiteleological view of history.


Session 1 | 18 October 2022 – Kant, “Idea for a Universal History from a Cosmopolitan Perspective” [link here]

Session 2 | 25 October 2022 – Hegel, “Introduction to The Philosophy of History” (esp. “One. The Methods of History” and “Two. Reason in History”) [link here]

Session 3 | 22 November 2022 – Marx, The Communist Manifesto

Session 4 | 29 November 2022 – Weber, TBA

Session 5 | 13 December 2022 – Benjamin, “Thesis on the Philosophy of History” [link here]


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