New Issue of «Opinião Filosófica» (Vol. 5, n. 1)

New Issue of «Opinião Filosófica» (Vol. 5, n. 1)

We gladly announce that a new issue of Opinião Filosófica is out

Opinião Filosófica is a review inspired to philosophical pluralism, which publishes selected articles from online submissions. It publishes biannually with usual key dates in December and July.

The newly published issue was edited by our fellow contributor Michela Boridgnon and by  Souza Assai. It is dedicated to the theme “Problems of Logic and Epistemology in Kant and Hegel”. The issue contains contributions both in Portuguese and English. It also hosts a section of portuguese translation of the First Chapter of the Section “Actuality” from the Logic of Essence.

The volume’s table of contents, with links to PDF downloadable articles can be found here

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