ONLINE CONFERENCE: Metaphysics as a Science in Classical German Philosophy (16-17 July 2021)

ONLINE CONFERENCE: Metaphysics as a Science in Classical German Philosophy (16-17 June 2021)

We are very glad to give notice of the online Conference Metaphysics as a Science in Classical German Philosophy, which will find place on 16-17 July, 2021.

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Here the schedule, provided in Irish Standard/British Summer Time (UTC+1:00).

July 16th
9:50 – Introductory Remarks
10:00 – Dino Jakuŝić (Warwick): “Wolff on Ontology as Primary Philosophy”
11:00 – Catherine Wilson (York): “The empiricists’ challenge and Kant’s attempted reconstruction of a ‘scientific’ metaphysics.”
12:00 – Break
12:15: Gabriele Gava (Turin): “Can metaphysics become a science, according to Kant?”
13:15 – Lunch Break
14:15 – Courtney Fugate (AUB): “Baumgarten on the Nature and Role of Metaphysics”
15:15 – Elise Frketich (Purdue): “Reinhold on the Deduction of the Categories”
16:15 – Break
16:30 – Katherine Dunlop (Texas at Austin): “Kant and Lambert on Geometry and Metaphysics”
17:30 – Nicholas Stang (Toronto): “Metaphysics as Wissenschaftslehre: Why the German Idealists were right, after all”

July 17th
10:00 – Kienhow Goh (Singapore): “The I and I: The Pure and the Empirical Subject in Fichte’s Science of Science”
11:00 – Karin de Boer (Leuven)/Gesa Wellmann (Wuppertal): “Kant, Reinhold, and the Problem of Scientificity”
12:00 – Break
12:15 – Dietmar Heidemann (Luxembourg): “Two models of critique of metaphysics: Kant and Hegel”
13:15 – Lunch Break
14:15 – G. Anthony Bruno (Royal Holloway): “Quietism, Dialetheism, and the Three Moments of Hegel’s Logic”
15:15 – Benjamin Berger (Haverford): “The Science of All Science and the Unity of the Faculties: Schelling’s Idea of Philosophy”
16:15 – Break
16:30 – Michael Olson (Marquette): “A Kantian Chiasmus: The Science of Metaphysics and the Metaphysics of Science”


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