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New release: «Trópos» (Anno XI, numero 1, 2018)

We are pleased to give notice of the release of the new issue of Trópos. Rivista di ermeneutica e critica filosofica (Aracne Editore, 2018), entitled
A Philosophy of Nature Today? Ethics and Ontology.

All articles are available online. Please visit this link for the registration.

Below you can find a brief introduction and the table of contents from the publisher’s website.


edited by Emilio Carlo Corriero

The philosophy of nature can only be linked to scientific knowledge and its most recent results, but, as it is primarily philosophy, it requires further reflection on its theoretical foundations, on the particular status of the discipline as well as on the particular character of its object, nature. A philosophy of nature that presents itself at the same time as a metaphysics of nature (bringing together the complexity of scientific knowledge) and as a ‘transcendental’ reflection on the grounding of being in general is capable of establishing a systematic vision of knowledge that presents solutions in the ethical field too. But in what way can a philosophy of nature provide an answer to the fundamental questions of ethics without risking any form of reductionism? Is there room for freedom within a contemporary philosophy of nature? And what would it entail?

Table of contents

Emilio Carlo Corriero

Ethics and Ontology. A View From a Contemporary Philosophy of Nature

Michael Esfeld, Andrea Oldofredi
On the possibility of a realist ontological commitment in quantum mechanics 

Iain Hamilton Grant
Ontogeny and Ontology in Schelling’s Naturphilosophie

Emilio Carlo Corriero

Acting the Absolute. Theoretical premises of Schelling’s ethics 

Andrea Dezi
Una via noetica per la filosofia della natura. Prospettive metafisiche di un’indagine schellinghiana sulla Dialettica trascendentale

Eugenio Buriano Aimonetto
La “fisica del tutto”. Sul chiasmo platonico di natura e teoria 

Claudio Tarditi
Between Nature and Ethics. Genealogy and Limits of Husserl’s Notion of Vocation

Massimo Mariani

Metafisica e pensiero complesso 

Francesco Braguti
Psicopolitica. Caratteristiche e strategia 

Anton Friedrich Koch

Realismo ermeneutico: tra Heidegger e Adorno 

Giacomo Pezzano, Gabriele Vissio
I processi a catalogo. L’ontologia storica e le sue implicazioni 

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