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New Release: “The Return of Hegel. History, Dialectics and the Weak” («Praktyka Teoretyczna», 1/2021)

We are pleased to give notice of the release of a new issue of Praktyka Teoretyczna (1/2022) entitled The Return of Hegel. History, Dialectics and the Weak.

Below you can find the table of content of the issue:

Table of contents

The Return of Hegel. History, Dialectics and the Weak


1. Ewa Majewska, Bartosz Wójcik – The Return of Hegel. History, Dialectics and the Weak

2. Oxana Timofeeva – Hegel’s Enlightenment and the Dialectics of Vulva


3. Joanna Bednarek – Putting an End to “Man”: Nature and the Human in Hegel, Becoming-animal and Abolitionism

4. Agata Bielik-Robson – The Harnessed Lightning, or the Politics of Apocalypse: Hegel, Rosenzweig, Derrida

5. Ankica Čakardić – Hegel and anticapitalism: Notes on the political economy of poverty

6. Joseph Grim Feinberg – The Story of Dialectics and the Trickster of History

7. Andrzej Leder – The concept of de-sublation and the regressive process in History. Prolegomena.

8. Ewa Majewska – The Slave, Antigone and the Housewife. Hegel’s Dialectics of the Weak

9. Marciń Pańków – Two metaphysics of freedom. Kant and Hegel on violence and law in the era of the fall of liberal democracy

Peoples history of Poland. A review Forum

10. Wiktor Marzec – Intro: Peoples history of Poland

11. Marcin Jarząbek – “People’s History of Poland”—a guidebook for middle-class readers

12. Ewa Majewska – Serfdom as the Matrix of contemporary Poland, critically revisited

13. Brian Porter-Szűcs – Whiteness and Polishness

14. Michał Pospiszyl – Was the Enlightenment progress?

15. Keely Stauter-Halsted – Adam Leszczyński, “Ludowa historia Polski”: A revolution in Polish historiography?

16. Adam Leszczyński – “The People’s History of Poland” from the author’s perspective: what it is all about

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