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New Release: «Studi Kantiani» XXXV, 2022

We are glad to give notice of the release of the issue of «Studi Kantiani» XXXV, 2022.


Table of contents.

Prime pagine e sommario / Frontmatter and Contents

Angela Breitenbach – Kant on the Value of Nature
Helga Varden – Kant and the Enviroment
Stefano Lo Re – A Kantian Argument for Sustainable Property Use
Laura Marcon, Klaudijo Klaser – Il senso di fare la cosa giusta: Rawls e Kant sugli accordi climatici
Hope Sample – A Kantian Approach to Climate Ethics: Prospects and Problems
Béatrice Longuenesse – Kant on ‘the Self’ and ‘the I’
Rômulo Eisinger Guimarães – If Judgements of Taste are Disinterested, Why Does Beauty Matter So Much to Us? On the Interests in the Beautiful in Kant
Sofie Møller – Hindsight and Foresight in Kant’s Historical Sign
Roberta Picardi – Kant’s Cosmopolitan Right within the Current Debate on Migration: The Conflicting Interpretations of David Miller and Karoline Reinhardt
Karoline Reinhardt – A Right to Migrate? On The Virtue of Productive Disharmony
David Miller – What Kant Might Have Said About Immigration: An Alternative View
Dietmar Heidemann – Self-Knowledge and the Problem of Existence
Martin Sticker – The Use of the Formula of Humanity


Luigi Filieri e Lorenzo Sala (a cura di) – Bollettino bibliografico
Sigle delle opere di Kant


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