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New Release: «Revista de Humanidades de Valparaíso» (No. 18, 2021): “Hegel en Diálogo/Hegel in Dialogue”

New Release: "Revista de Humanidades de Valparaíso"

We are pleased to give notice of the release of the latest issue of «Revista de Humanindades de Valparaíso» (No 18, 2021). The issue is titled Hegel en Diálogo/Hegel in Dialogue, and is edited by Héctor Ferreiro, Víctor E. Duplancic.

You can download the full issue at this link.

Below you can find the table of content.


Monographic Section

Héctor Ferreiro, Víctor E. Duplancic, Guest Editors’ Introduction: Hegel in Dialogue

Christian Iber, Agemir Bavaresco, Person, Property and Contract: A critical dialogue with Hegel from Marx

Michela Bordignon, The Notion of Process: Hegel and Contemporary Metaphysics

Werner Euler, Axel Honneth’s Dialogue on Hegel’s Philosophy of Law

Márcia Cristina Gonçalves, Hegel’s Critique of Irrationalism and his Dialogue with Schelling About the Problem of Infinity

Esteban Mizrahi, Sovereignty and War in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

Hardy Neumann, Hegel and the Twofold Transformation of the Concept of Reality in the Background of Kant’s Critics to the Inbegriff aller Realität

Jose Pertille, The Phenomenology of the Spirit of Hegel in Dialogue with German Idealism: Absolute Knowledge as the Last Figure of the Spirit


Pablo Marshall, Genetic Preimplantation Selection before the Critic of the Docial Model of Disability

Pablo Gres Chávez, On Contemporary Dialectics: Concept, Ontology and Critical Capacity

Edgar Serna Ramírez, Duhem’s Thesis, Feyerabend’s Methodological Anarchism and the Question About the Justification of Epistemic Change

Hernán Cuevas Valenzuela, Cultural Battles and Memorialization in Chile: Reflections on the Critical Possibilities and Autonomy of Public Art in the Post-Dictatorship

Rosangella Leote, Biomimicry and Art: Transductions with Biology

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