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New Release: Robert B. Pippin, “Hegel’s Realm of Shadows: Logic as Metaphysics in the Science of Logic” (University of Chicago Press, 2018)

We are pleased to give notice of the release of the volume Hegel’s Realm of Shadows: Logic as Metaphysics in “The Science of Logic”, by Robert B. Pippin (University of Chicago Press, 2018).

From the publisher’s website:

Robert B. Pippin offers here a bold, original interpretation of Hegel’s claim that only now, after Kant’s critical breakthrough in philosophy, can we understand how logic can be a metaphysics. Pippin addresses Hegel’s deep, constant reliance on Aristotle’s conception of metaphysics, the difference between Hegel’s project and modern rationalist metaphysics, and the links between the “logic as metaphysics” claim and modern developments in the philosophy of logic. Pippin goes on to explore many other facets of Hegel’s thought, including the significance for a philosophical logic of the self-conscious character of thought, the dynamism of reason in Kant and Hegel, life as a logical category, and what Hegel might mean by the unity of the idea of the true and the idea of the good in the “Absolute Idea”. The culmination of Pippin’s work on Hegel and German idealism, no Hegel scholar or historian of philosophy will want to miss this book.

Below you can find the table of contents



Part I

Chapter One. The Significance of The Science of Logic
Chapter Two. Logic and Metaphysics
Chapter Three. The Role of Self-Consciousness in The Science of Logic
Chapter Four. Logic and Negation

Part II

Chapter Five. The Logic of Being: The “Given” as a Logical Problem
Chapter Six. Essence as Reflected Being
Chapter Seven. The Lives of Concepts
Chapter Eight. Life as a Logical Concept
Chapter Nine. The True and the Good

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