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New Release: “New Studies in Idealism” (Series ed. by P. D. Bubbio)

We are glad to announce the forthcoming series at Lexington Books, New Studies in Idealism, edited by Paolo Diego Bubbio.

From the publisher’s website:

The Contemporary Studies in Idealism series at Lexington Books features cutting-edge scholarship in the field of classical German Idealism and its legacy. “Idealism” is considered both in a historical and in a theoretical sense. Historically, the series welcomes projects that center upon Kant and the post-Kantian Idealists (including, but not limited to, early German romantic thinkers Fichte, Schelling, and Hegel) or upon other related forms of nineteenth-century philosophy—including those often considered to oppose Idealism, such as those of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. Proposals that critically assess the legacy of Idealism in the twentieth and twentieth-first century are also welcome. Theoretically, the series seeks projects that use the resources of classical German Idealism to engage in contemporary debates in all sub-fields of philosophy. The series is a platform both for traditional monographs (up to 90,000 words) and for shorter works (as few as 45,000 words) written by upcoming or established scholars who wish to produce a work that is too long for a journal article yet too short for a traditional monograph.

Editor(s): Paolo Diego Bubbio (
Advisory Board: Mark V. Alznauer (Northwestern University), Francesco Berto (University of St. Andrews), Alfredo Ferrarin (University of Pisa), Elena Ficara (University of Paderborn and City University of New York), George di Giovanni (McGill University), Douglas Hedley (Cambridge University), Stephen Houlgate (University of Warwick), Wayne Hudson (Charles Sturt University), Luca Illetterati (University of Padua), David Kolb (Bates College), Simon Lumsden (UNSW), Douglas A. Moggach (University of Ottawa), Lydia Moland (Colby College), Maurizio Pagano (University of Eastern Piedmont), Paul Redding (The University of Sydney), Julian Young (Wake Forest University)
Staff editorial contact: Jana Hodges-Kluck.

Here the link for further information.

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