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New Release: Luca Illetterati, Giovanna Miolli (eds.), “The Relevance of Hegel’s Concept of Philosophy. From Classical German Philosophy to Contemporary Metaphilosophy” (Bloomsbury, 2022)

New Release: Luca Illetterati, Giovanna Miolli (eds.), "The Relevance of Hegel’s Concept of Philosophy. From Classical German Philosophy to Contemporary Metaphilosophy" (Bloomsbury, 2022)

We are glad to give notice of the new book The Relevance of Hegel’s Concept of Philosophy. From Classical German Philosophy to Contemporary Metaphilosophy, edited by Luca Illetterati and Giovanna Miolli (Bloomsbury, 2022).

From the publisher’s website:

In a systematic treatment of Hegel’s concept of philosophy and all of the different aspects related to it, this collection explores how Hegel and his understanding of his discipline can be put into dialogue with current metaphilosophical inquiries and shed light on the philosophical examination of the nature of philosophy itself.
Taking into account specific aspects of Hegel’s elaboration on philosophy such the scientificity of philosophy as a self-grounding rational process and his explanation of the relationship between philosophy and the history of philosophy, an international line-up of contributors consider:
– Hegel’s concept of philosophy in general from skepticism, idealism, history and difference, to time, politics and religion
– The relation of Hegel’s concept of philosophy to other philosophical traditions and philosophers including Kant, Fichte, Schelling, and Jacobi
– Hegel’s concept of philosophy with reference to philosophy’s relation to other forms of rationality and disciplines
– The relation of Hegel’s concept of philosophy to specific issues in present metaphilosophical debates.
Reflecting the renewed and widespread interest in Hegel seen in Analytic philosophy and Continental thought, this volume advances study of Hegel’s conceptual tools and provides new readings of traditional philosophical problems.


Table of Contents

List of Figures
Notes on Contributors
List of Abbreviations

1. Why Hegel’s Metaphilosophy Matters: An Introduction, Luca Illetterati and Giovanna Miolli

Part I. Hegel’s Metaphilosophy

2. Metaphilosophical Project, Konrad Utz
3. Hegel’s Philosophy of Philosophy, Dietmar H. Heidemann
4. Science as Experience of Freedom: Hegel on the Scientific Nature of Philosophy, Luca Illetterati
5. The Metaphilosophical Implications of Hegel’s Conception of Absolute Idealism as the True Philosophy, Héctor Ferreiro
6. Absolute Method and Metaphilosophical Investigation, Michela Bordignon
7. Hegel’s Metaphilosophy as Immanent Critique, Eleonora Cugini

Part II. Hegel’s Metaphilosophy and its Aesthetic, Religious and Historical-political Dimensions

8. Between the Morning Dawn and the Evening Dusk? On Hegel’s Theory of Theoretical Practice, Zdravko Kobe
9. Hegel’s Political Philosophy as Metaphilosophy, Andrew Buchwalter
10. The Role of Religion in the Process of Self-Knowledge of Hegel’s Philosophy, Francesca Menegoni
11. Philosophy without the ‘Meta’: Sensuous Practice and Theoretical Knowledge in Hegel’s Philosophy of Art, Paul Kottman
12. Hegel’s Account of the Historicity of Philosophy, Christophe Bouton
13. Philosophy and its Time, Dina Emundts
14. The History of Philosophy as the Progress of Philosophy: Hegel’s Metaphilosophical Perspective, Giulia La Rocca

Part III. Hegel’s Metaphilosophy in Context

15. The Twofold Purposiveness of Philosophical Activity: Hegel’s on Kant’s Idea of Philosophy, Giovanna Luciano
16. ‘What the lot is not being lost on the long road from spirit to system!’: Jacobi’s non-philosophical contradiction of Hegel’s system of philosophy, Peter Jonkers
17. Self-thinking Consciousness or Absolute Spirit: Hegel’s Response to Fichte’s Definition of Philosophy, Sebastian Stein
18. Metaphilosophical Pluralism: Idealist Variations on Alleinphilosophie, Kevin Harrelson

Part IV. Hegel’s Metaphilosophy and Contemporary Thought

19. How to Survive Hegel’s Absolute: Koyré, Kojève, Hyppolite and Metaphilosophy, Jamila M.H. Mascat
20. Rorty and Hegel: Towards a Metaphilosophical Pragmatism, Olivier Tinland
21. The Logic of Difference in Hegel and Derrida, Johannes-Georg Schülein
22. Neo-Hegelian Metaphilosophy from Pittsburgh, Luca Corti
23. Hegel’s Metaphilosophy as Ascriptivist Metaphysics, Thomas Meyer and Michael Quante
24. ‘A Temple Without a Holy of Holies’: The Contemporary Relevance of Hegel’s Metaphysics, Elena Tripaldi
25. Post-Analytic Philosophy and Hegelian Amphibians, Paul Giladi
26. Hegel in Dialogue with Contemporary Metaphilosophy, Giovanna Miolli



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