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New Release: Jelscha Schmid, “The methods of metaphilosophy” (Klostermann, 2022)

New Release: Jelscha Schmid, "The methods of metaphilosophy" (Klostermann, 2022)

We are glad to give notice of the release of the volume The methods of metaphilosophy. Kant, Maimon, and Schelling on how to philosophize about philosophy by Jelscha Schmid (Klostermann, 2022).

From the publisher’s website:

On the basis of an examination of Kant’s, Maimon’s and Schelling’s metaphilosophies, this book investigates how, starting from Kant’s diagnosis of a “groping metaphysics”, a philosophical research program, whose goal is to elucidate the nature and method of philosophy itself, develops. What unites their projects is the thesis that philosophy must begin with an investigation of its own nature, and that this investigation, because of its special object, must be accompanied by a reflection on its method. To this end, their methods are discussed on the assumption that these methods arise from a particular engagement with the theories and practices of the 18th century sciences. Finally, this discussion provides the basis for showing in what ways philosophical experiments, fictions, or models offer methodological solutions to the problem of developing a scientific metaphysics.

The table of content of the volume is available at this link.

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