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New Release: Hegel Bulletin (Vol. 43 – Issue 2 – August 2022)


We are pleased to announce the release of the latest issue of Hegel Bulletin (Volume 43 – Issue 2 – August 2022).


The volume contains the following contributions:



In Memoriam Zbigniew Andrzej Pełczyński OBE

(29 December 1925–22 June 2021)

Stephen Houlgate


Hegel’s Later Theory of Cognition: An Additive or Transformative Model?
Luca Corti

Heidegger’s Concept of Experience: Derrida’s Interpretation of Hegel in Heidegger: The Question of Being and History
Simon Gissinger

Hegel on What Cannot Be Said: an Interpretation of the Ineffable in the Phenomenology’s ‘Sense-Certainty’
Ariën Voogt

Roman Courage and Constitution in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right
George Hristov

Hegel’s Truth: A Property of Things?
Tal Meir Giladi


Author Meets Critics

Hegel’s Logic and Marx’s Concept of Capital
Tony Smith

On Arash Abazari’s Hegel’s Ontology of Power
Allegra de Laurentiis

Methodological Individualism v. Holism in Hegel and Marx
Jake McNulty

Response to Critics of Hegel’s Ontology of Power
Arash Abazari


Vicky Roupa. Articulations of Nature and Politics in Plato and Hegel
Giulia Valpione

Alex Dubilet. The Self-Emptying Subject: Kenosis and Immanence, Medieval to Modern
Casey Norrington Jackson


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