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New Release: Giovanna Luciano (ed.), “The Practical Dimension of G.W.F. Hegel’s Logic” (Revista Estudos Hegelianos, vol. 19, n. 34, 2022)

New Release: Giovanna Luciano (ed.), "The Practical Dimension of G.W.F. Hegel’s Logic" (Revista Estudos Hegelianos, vol. 19, n. 34, 2022)

We are glad to give notice of the release of the Special Issue of the “Revista Estudos Hegelianos” (vol. 19, n. 34, 2022) The Practical Dimension of G.W.F. Hegel’s Logic, edited by Giovanna Luciano.


From the Editorial: 

The task to highlight the practical dimension of Hegel’s logic, carried out by the texts here collected, is a way to rethink the status of Hegel’s logic in general—the concrete validity of the logical forms, the methodological issue, the relation between the Logic and the Realphilosophie—beyond the opposition of metaphysical and anti-metaphysical, Aristotelian and post-Kantian interpretations that has predominantly characterized the debate on Hegelian philosophy in the last thirty years. To such a task is indeed linked the possibility to address the issue of the role of the Logic in relation to the categories, cultural forms, and social institutions of the present in a critical perspective. Continuing to recognize the Logic as playing a fundamental role for the Hegelian project of the renewal of philosophy, the perspective opened up by this Special Issue may allow to find within the framework of the logical categories proof of the practical vocation of Hegel’s philosophy.



Table of Contents:


Giovanna Luciano, A Practical Reading of Hegel’s Logic


Angelica Nuzzo, Logic and Ethics—Hegel’s Logic of Action

Paul Redding, Hegel, Peirce, and Aristotle on the “Geometric” Logic of Practical Reason

Victor Duplancic, Libertad epistémica, libertad especulativa. Acercamiento a una lógica de la libertad o libertad lógica

Gregor Schäfer, Systematische und historische Bemerkungen zum—bleibenden —kritischen Anspruch von Hegels spekulativer Logik

Alexander Schubert, Hegels Logik der Wirklichkeit und ihre Bedeutung für die praktische Philosophie

Daniel Badenhorst, Hegel’s Logical Instruction at the Gymnasium Illustre(1776–1788): The Textbooks in Context

Luca Illetterati, The Action of the Absolute Idea: On the Relationship between Thinking and Reality in Hegel’s Philosophy



Pedro Sepúlveda Zambrano, Miguel Giusti, La travesía de la libertad: Ensayos sobre Hegel (Madrid: Abada Editores, 2021)


The articles are available in Open Access at this link.



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