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New Release: Charlotte Lee, “Goethe in Context” (Cambridge University Press, 2024)

New Release: Charlotte Lee, "Goethe in Context" (Cambridge University Press, 2024)

We are glad to give notice of the release of the volume Goethe in Context, edited by Charlotte Lee (Cambridge University Press, 2024).

The table of contents is available at this link.

From the publisher’s website:

One of the most prolific and versatile writers of all time, Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749–1832) made an impact that continues to extend far beyond his native Germany. The variety of human questions and experiences treated in his works is arguably without parallel. He also had (for his era) an unusually long life, which spanned the French Revolution, the end of the Holy Roman Empire and subsequent reshaping of the German-speaking world, and the rapid onset of industrial modernity. In thirty-seven short essays, leading international scholars explore Goethe’s life and times, his literary works, his activity in the realms of art, philosophy and natural science, his reception of – and indeed by – other cultures, and, finally, the resonance of his work in our time. The aim of this collection is to open as many windows as possible onto Goethe’s wide-ranging intellectual and practical activity, and to give a sense of his ongoing importance.


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