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New Release: “Art and Knowledge in Classical German Philosophy” («Aesthetica Preprint» Vol. 116, 2021)

New Release: Art and Knowledge in Classical German Philosophy («Aesthetica Preprint» Vol. 116, 2021

We are pleased to give notice of the release of a new issue of «Aesthetica Preprint» (Vol.116, January-April 2021). The issue is titled Art and Knowledge in Classical German Philosophy, and is edited by Francesco Campana and Gabriele Tomasi.

Please find below the table of content of the issue:

Francesco Campana, Gabriele Tomasi, Art and Knowledge in Classical German Philosophy. An Introduction (pp.7-15)

Gabriele Tomasi, Kant and the cognitive value of poetry (pp.17-49)

Andy Hamilton, Kant’s Concept of Genius: A Defence, Against Romanticism and Scepticism (pp.51-74)

Elisa Ronzheimer, Hölderlin as Reader of Poetry: Notes on the “Wechsel der Töne” (pp.75-94)

Johannes Korngiebel, Zwischen Systemanspruch und Systemkritik. Friedrich Schlegels ‘Offenes System im Werden’ (pp. 95-111)

Paul Hamilton, The Romantic Development of Classical German Philosophy: From Post-Kantianism to Giorgio Agamben and Jacques Rancière (pp.113-132)

Gregorio Tenti, Anthropoaesthetics of Expression. Art and Knowledge in Friedrich Schleiermacher (pp.133-150)

Giovanna Pinna, Who’s Afraid of Seneca? Conflict And Pathos in the Romantic-Idealistic Theory of Tragedy (pp.151-168)

Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer, The Absolute Perspective of the Personal Subject Hegel vs. Plato on Social Philosophy, Art, and Religion (pp.169-196)

Luca Illetterati, Art Is (Not) Knowledge. A question of Hegelian terminology (pp.197-211)

Francesco Campana, From Poetry to Music. The Paradigms of Art in German Aesthetics of the 19th Century (pp.213-237)


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