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New Issue: Universa. Recensioni di Filosofia (Vol. 7 No. 1)

We are glad to give notice of the release of the new issue of Universa. Recensioni di Filosofia.

Universa. Recensioni di filosofia is the online journal of the PhD course in Philosophy at the University of Padova.
Universa is meant as a space of scientific information and debate on editorial news in the field of philosophy, while serving as a formative activity for PhD students, which are at the same time authors, editors and referees of the journal. Universa is also intended as a service to the scientific community, aimed at the creation of a database of reviews of books of strong philosophical interest, through the widest and most diverse range of themes and topics and accessible online, publicly and free of any charge.

The journal collects reviews of recently published philosophical books, both Italian and foreign.

The new issue contains 27 reviews from the most various fields of research, including political philosophy and the history of political thought, classical German philosophy, history of philosophy (in particular, ancient philosophy, late-antique philosophy and modern philosophy), the Frankfurt school (Adorno), phenomenology (Merleau-Ponty), philosophy of science, philosophy of biology, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of mind and contemporary philosophy. The languages of the journal are Italian and English.

Universa. Recensioni di filosofia is published by Padova University Press.

You can read or download the journal in full text at this link.

Here is the summary of the issue, with links to individual contents:

Editoriale 7-1

pages 1-6.

Michele Pra Baldi, Riccardo Bruni, Kurt Gödel, un profilo

pages 15-19.

Annagiulia Canesso, Claude Debru, Au delà des normes: la normativité

pages 32-36.

Giulia Angelini, Andrea Falcon, Aristotelismo

pages 49-54.

Helmer Stoel, Peter E. Gordon, Adorno and Existence

pages 55-58.

Maurizio Maria Malimpensa, Marco Ivaldo, Filosofia e religione. Attraversando Fichte

pages 75-79.

Eleonora Cugini, Thomas Khurana, Das Leben der Freiheit. Form und Wirklichkeit der Autonomie

pages 85-91.

Alessandro Esposito, Robert Stern, Kantian Ethics Value, Agency, and Obligation

pages 118-122.

Marco Ferrari, Alenka Zupančič, What Is Sex?

pages 145-151.
pages 152.


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