LEUVEN SEMINAR: Karin de Boer, “Kant’s Reform of Metaphysics: The Critique of Pure Reason Reconsidered” (Zoom, 29 October, 2020)

We are glad to give notice that the second lecture of the Leuven Seminar in Classical German Philosophy will be dedicated to the launch of the book Kant’s Reform of Metaphysics: The Critique of Pure Reason Reconsidered (Cambridge University Press, 2020) by Karin de Boer.

The event will take place online, via Zoom, on October 29th, 2020, at 5.00 pm (CET).

Below you can find more information about the event.


Speakers: Stefanie Buchenau (Université Paris-8) Brian Chance (University of Oklahoma) Paul Franks (Yale University) Eric Watkins (University of California, San Diego).

Organizers: Karin de Boer, Henny Blomme, Stephen Howard and Pavel Reichl.

Scholarly debates on the Critique of Pure Reason have largely been shaped by epistemological questions. Challenging this prevailing trend, Kant’s Reform of Metaphysics is the first book-length study to interpret Kant’s Critique in view of his efforts to turn Christian Wolff’s highly influential metaphysics into a science. Karin de Boer situates Kant’s pivotal work in the context of eighteenth-century German philosophy, traces the development of Kant’s conception of critique, and offers fresh and in-depth analyses of key parts of the Critique of Pure Reason, including the Transcendental Deduction, the Schematism Chapter, the Appendix to the Transcendental Analytic, and the Architectonic. The book not only brings out the coherence of Kant’s project, but also reconstructs the outline of the ‘system of pure reason’ for which the Critique was to pave the way, but that never saw the light.

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