Kant Festival: preliminary announcement (Keele University, 28th – 30th November, 2014)

We are pleased to announce the preliminary program of the Kant Festival. The festival will take place on 28th – 30th November 2014 at the Keele University (Claus Moser Research Centre, Keele University ST5 5BG, UK).

The events are organised by the Keele Forum for Philosophical Research with the support of the Research Centre for SPIRE and SPIRE (the School of Politics, Philosophy, International Relations and Enviroment).

The program can be found below:

28 November:

WORKSHOPKantian Insights into the Relation between Law and Ethical Commitments
(Part of the Keele-based Marie Curie Project: “A Kantian Approach to Current Tensions Between Legal Obligations and Religious Commitments”)
Speakers: Adrian Piper (Berlin), Herlinde Pauer-Studer (Vienna), Thomas Mertens (Nijmegen), Sari Kisilevsky (New York), Ruhi Demiray (Keele/Kocaeli) and Sorin Baiasu (Keele/Vienna)

28 November (Evening):

Speaker: Howard Williams (Aberystwyth)

29 November:

KEELE PHILOSOPHY FORUM ANNUAL CONFERENCE“Themes from the Work of Howard Williams”
Speakers: Howard Williams (Aberystwyth), Susan Shell (Boston College), Herlinde Pauer-Studer (Vienna), Sarah Holtman (Minnesota) and Luigi Caranti (Catania)

30 November:

OFFICIAL LAUNCH of The Keele-Oxford-St Andrews Centre for Kantian Studies
Speakers: James Tartaglia (Keele), Leslie Stevenson (St Andrews), Adrian Moore (Oxford), Edward Kanterian (Kent), Anil Gomes (Oxford), Jens Timmermann (St Andrews), Giuseppina D’Oro (Keele), Sorin Baiasu (Keele/Vienna)

Call for commentators and chairpersons will be circulated shortly.

For further information:

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