IV Conference of the Australian Hegel Society: “The Labour of the Negative” (Sydney and online, Nov 30- Dec 1, 2023)

IV Conference of the Australian Hegel Society: "The Labour of the Negative" (Sydney and online, Nov 30- Dec 1, 2023)

We are glad to give notice that the Fourth Biennial Conference of the Australian Hegel Society: The Labour of the Negative, hosted by the New South Wales University Sydney, will take place online and on campus on November 30 and December 1, 2023. T


Keynote Speaker: Jean-Philippe Deranty (Macquarie)

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Below you can find the program of the conference.



Thursday 30 November 2023 (UNSW campus and hybrid)

Morven Brown Building Room 209

Welcome 8:50

Keynote 9:00-10:30

Jean-Philippe Deranty (Macquarie): ‘Not and Notwendigkeit: necessity, work, freedom’

Session 1

11:00 Mathew Abbott (Federation): ‘Coming Round to Ourselves: Labour and

Education in the Anthropocene’

11:40 Andrew Benjamin (Melbourne): ‘Bataille’s Hegel. Delimiting the Work of the


12:20 Lunch

Session 2: Early Career and Graduate Student Session

13:35 *Darren Rosso (UNE): ‘Hegel’s Phenomenology: The Road to the Infinite of

Immanent Production’

14:00 Bryan Cooke (Melbourne) ‘Hegel’s Apocalypse and the Obscure Disaster of a World without End’

14:25 Brendan Duncan-Shah (Melbourne): ‘Rendering determinate and sundering

determinacy: the origin of Hegel’s principle’ that ‘determinateness is negation’

14:50 Lachlan Wells (Melbourne): ‘The force of negation in the logoi and

the mathemata: Jean Hyppolite’s footnote on Jean Cavailles’s “nearly Hegelian


15:20 Break

Session 3

16:00 *Kazuya Kawase (Miyazaki Municipal University): ‘Labour as a form of

human action’

16:40 *Michael Lazarus (Monash): ‘The Philosophy of Right and the critique of political


17:20 Finish

Friday 1 December 2023 (On-line)


Session 4

9:00 Michael Baur (Fordham): ‘Hegel, Negativity, and Psychoanalysis as a Model for Critical Theory’

9:40 James Sares (Kentucky): ‘Hegel’s Logic as a Phenomenology of Pure


10:20 Break


Session 5

11:00 Viren Murthy (Wisconsin-Maddison): ‘Rethinking Normativity in Hegel and Marx: Labor, Negativity and the Subject of History’

11:40 Clark W. Wolf (Marquette): ‘Labor and Self-Formation in Hegel’s ‘Lordship and Bondage’

12:20 Jarrad A. Felgenhauer (Seattle): ‘Hegel’s Freedom: The Labor of Negativity or the Labor of Difference?’

13: 00 Break


Session 6: Early Career and Graduate Student Session

16:00 Rutwij Nakhwa (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay): ‘The Labour of the Negative as the Work of Truth’

16:25 Cynthia Cruz (European Graduate School): ‘Madness and Subjective


16:50 Ana María Guzman Olmos (Bonn): ‘The Negation of the Machine. Hegel’s concept of labor in light of the Science of Logic’

17:15 Charlotte Nóra Szasz (Leuphana Universität Lüneburg) ‘Master, slave and the negative power of the unconscious’

17:40 Break


Session 7

18:20 Jacob Blumenfeld (Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg):

‘The Negative or Freedom or Crime’

19: 00 Daniel-Pascal Zorn (Bergische Universität Wüppertal): ‘Hegels Strategien,

Hegels Didaktik. Zum Darstellungs problem der spekulativen Dialektik’

19:40 Break


20:30-22.00 Book Session: Paul Redding’s “Conceptual Harmonies: The Origins and Relevance of Hegel’s Logic” with Stephen Houlgate and Sebastian Rand 

Response from Paul Redding


Note: all times are Australian Eastern Daylight Times (GMT+11)

* Speaker presenting on-line

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