International Conference: Kritische Theorie zwischen Kant und Hegel (Basel,18-20 May, 2022)

International Conference:

We are glad to give notice of the International Conference Kritische Theorie zwischen Kant und Hegel that will take place in Basel (Universität Basel) on May 18th-20th, 2022.

The conference is jointly by Conrad Mattli (Basel), Robert Pfeiffer (Freiburg), Gregor Schäfer (Basel).


List of participants: 

Omri Boehm (New York)
Alexandra Colligs (Passau)
Lea Gekle (Berlin)
Lasse Hansohm (Freiburg)
Axel Hutter (München)
Rahel Jaeggi (Berlin)

Vladimer Jalagonia (Freiburg)
Christian Lotz (East Lansing)
Giovanna Luciano (Porto Alegre)
Brian O’Connor (Dublin)
Tilo Wesche (Oldenburg)
Slavoj Žižek (Ljubljana)


Here you can find the program of the conference.

Check this page for more information.

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