International conference: “Dewey’s Hegelianism and Hegel’s Deweyianism” (Nanterre, April 4-5, 2024)

International conference: "Dewey’s Hegelianism and Hegel’s Deweyianism" (Nanterre, April, 2024)

We are very glad to announce the international conference Dewey’s Hegelianism and Hegel’s Deweyianism, to be held at Université Paris Nanterre on April 4-5, 2024.

The event is organized by Emmanuel Renault (Paris Nanterre) and Steven Levine (UMass Boston).

Here you can find the event flyer. Below is the full program.


Day 1 – Thursday, April 4, 2024

Logic, Epistemology, and Metaphysics

9:30-10:45 John Shook, “Dewey’s Operational Logic for Experimental Idealism”

11-12:15 Katrin Wille, “Moving Concepts. Reading Hegel’s through Dewey’s Logic”

12:15-2 Lunch

2-3:15 Arvi Särkelä, “Dewey’s Critique of Reason”

3:30-4:45 Steven Levine, “Hegel’s Place in Dewey’s Naturalistic Metaphysics”

5-6:15 Olivier Tinland, “Hegel’s Multilayer Developmental Holism”

7:30 Dinner


Day 2 – Friday, April 5, 2024

Anthropology, Politics, Ethics and Aesthetics

9:30-10:45 Willem de Vries, “Habit: Embodiment, Matter, and Thought in Hegel and Dewey”

11-12:15 Francesca Alexandratos, “Precarious Life: Vulnerability and Liberation Between Hegel and Dewey”

12:15-2 Lunch

2-3:15 Armando Manchisi, “The ‘Permanent Hegelian Deposit’ in Dewey’s Account of Self-Realization”

3:30-4:45 Emmanuel Renault, “Traces of Hegel’s Sittlichkeit in Dewey’s Ethics”

5-6:15 Italo Testa, “Rhythm and Pattern Configuration in Dewey’s and Hegel’s Aesthetics”


For information, you can contact the organizers: Emmanuel Renault (, Steven Levine (


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