hpd-Holidays: Armando Manchisi, “The Logic of Self-Realization in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right” («Studia Hegeliana», vol. 8, 2022)

New Release: «Studia Hegeliana» 8/2022: "Hegel y la filosofia del derecho".

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We are glad to share the article The Logic of Self-Realization in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right by Armando Manchisi. This article was published in the journal «Studia Hegeliana» (vol. 8, 2022).


The concept of “self-realization” plays a central role in philosophy, since it summarizes the idea that a good life is a flourishing life, that is, an existence in which a person makes the best of what she is. A long tradition has understood this in terms of actualizing one’s potential or fulfilling one’s highest and most worthy aspirations. The aim of this paper is to analyze Hegel’s Logic and Philosophy of Right, in order to show that they outline an alternative and valuable account of self-realization that conceives of human flourishing as tied to the flourishing of the world.

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