HPD – HOLIDAYS: Armando Manchisi, “A teoria hegeliana da justificação moral” (Problemata. International Journal of Philosophy, v. 11 n. 4, 2020)

We are happy to share the essay A teoria hegeliana da justificação moral by Armando Manchisi, published in the latest issue of Problemata. International Journal of Philosophy (v. 11 n. 4, 2020).

Here below you can find the abstract of the text:

The contribution pursues two interrelated aims: the first one is to interpret the transition from Morality to Ethical Life in the Elements of the Philosophy of Right as a theory of moral justification; the second one is to show the meaning of this theory for contemporary philosophy. The essay thus seeks to turn to Hegel’s conception in order to shed light on the limits of the current discussion in moral epistemology and then to present a possible alternative. To this end, Hegel’s text is confronted with the main theses of intuitionism, on the one hand, and Kantian constructivism, on the other, as the most prominent contemporary forms, respectively, of ethical foundationalism and coherentism.


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