HPD – Digest (March – July 2019)

hpd-digest offers an overview of the most recent activities, events and relevant publications involving the members of hegelpd, the Research Group on Classical German Philosophy in Padova.
Its aim is to give news of the scientific activity carried out by the group and its single members, as well as of noteworthy events taking place in Padova, and the general research topics on which we are currently focusing.


HEGELIAN INTERVIEWS: We are happy to continue with the series Hegelian Interviews, started on the occasion of hegelpd’s fifth birthday. The last interview has been with Paul Redding. Professor Redding answers some questions about the path of his philosophical education, the contribution of the Australian philosophical community to studies in classical German philosophy, the contemporary relevance of Hegel’s metaphysics interpreted as a form of modal actualism, and the metaphilosophical fruitfulness of Hegel’s thought for the understanding of today’s societies.


2018/2019 RESEARCH SEMINAR: Hegel: from the objective to the absolute spirit has been the topic of this year’s seminar of the Doctoral School in Philosophy of the University of Padova. The last meetings have taken place: the ninth one with Armando Manchisi on Religion “Grundlage” of the State? Some Remarks about § 270 Anm. in Hegel’s Elements of the Philosophy of Rights, the tenth one with Sebastian Stein on The Self-Knowing Idea and Us. Hegel’s Non-Spiritualist Metaphilosophy, the eleventh one with Klaus Vieweg on Hegel in Wonderland – The Beginning of the Logic, and the twelfth one with Dean Moyar on The Proximity of Philosophy to Religion. Hegel’s Evaluative Reason.


NEW DAAD PROJECT: RETHINKING NATURE (2018-2020): The International research project Rethinking Nature (rethinkingnature.com) has been funded by the DAAD for two more years (2018-2020). The DAAD joint project between hegelpd and the Forschungszentrum für Klassische Deutsche Philosophie/Hegel-Archiv at the University of Bochum has the aim of investigating the notion of “nature” in Classical German Philosophy, putting it into dialogue with various current debates on naturalism.
Two Padova-Bochum DAAD workshops on Forms of Nature in Classical German Philosophy have taken place in 2019: the first one took place in Bochum on May 23rd-24th, the second one in Padova on July 4th-5th


WORKSHOPS: The workshop Nature Between Politics and Metaphysics: Reassessing German Idealism and Romanticism, organized by Luca Corti and Lorenzo Rustighi took place in Padova on June 24th and 25th. The event revolved around Alison Stone’s latest book Nature, Ethics and Gender in German Romanticism and Idealism (Rowman & Littlefield, 2018).


NEW RELEASES: We are glad to announce some new publications by members of the staff:

  • Die Idee als „sich wissende Wahrheit“, by Armando Manchisi, Hegel-Jahrbuch, eds. by A. Arndt, B. Bowman, M. Gerhard and J. Zovko, vol. 11, issue 1, 2018, pp. 87-92.
  • Hegel’s Theory of Truth as a Theory of Self-Knowledge, by Giovanna Miolli, Hegel-Jahrbuch, eds. by A. Arndt, B. Bowman, M. Gerhard and J. Zovko, vol. 11, issue 1, 2018, pp. 128-133.
  • Prolegomena für eine heterodoxe Lektüre von Hegels Anthropologie, by Luca Corti, Hegel-Jahrbuch, eds. by A. Arndt, B. Bowman, M. Gerhard and J. Zovko, vol. 11, issue 1, 2018, pp. 295-299.
  • Die Einteilung der Poesie. Bemerkungen zu K.W.F. Solgers Gattungspoetik, by Francesco Campana, in M. Forster, J. Korngiebel and K. Vieweg (eds. by), Idealismus und Romantik in Jena. Figuren und Konzepte zwischen 1794 und 1807, München, Wilhelm Fink, 2018, pp. 267-285.
  • the latest issue of the Giornale di Metafisica, XI, n. 2, 2018, devoted to the topic of Meta-Philosophy, edited by Luca Corti, Luca Illetterati and Giovanna Miolli.
  • the latest issue of Verifiche, XLII, n. 1-2, 2018.
  • La traduzione come lavoro filosofico, by Luca Illetterati, in N. Curcio (ed. by), Franco Volpi filosofo e amico, Vicenza, Ronzani, 2019, pp. 113-125.
  • L’origine e la sua traduzione (o della traduzione come origine), by Luca Illetterati, in G. Gurisatti and A. Gnoli (eds. by), Franco Volpi. Il pudore del pensiero, Brescia, Morcelliana, 2019, pp. 193-236.
  • Soggettività e violenza. Una prospettiva hegeliana, by Luca Illetterati, in C. Agnello, R. Caldarone, A. Cicatello and R.M. Lupo (eds. by), Il campo della metafisica. Studi in onore di Giuseppe Nicolaci, vol. 1, Palermo, Palermo University Press, 2018, pp. 259-281.
  • L’ambiguità della metafisica nel pensiero di Hegel, by Luca Illetterati and Elena Tripaldi, in E. Berti (ed. by), Storia della metafisica, Carocci, 2019, pp. 249-278.
  • Il normativo e il naturale. Saggi su Leibniz, by Antonio M. Nunziante, Padova University Press, 2019.


CARLA MILANI DAMIÃO VISITING PROFESSOR AT THE UNIVERSITY OF PADOVA. From March to August 2019 Carla Milani Damião was visiting professor at the University of Padova. She is working on the project The Memory of Oneself and of the World: (Auto)Biographical and Historical Time in the Search for Representing the Truth in Goethe and Walter Benjamin.


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