hpd-digest offers an overview of the most recent activities, events and publications involving the members of hegelpd, the Research Group on Classical German Philosophy in Padova. It also includes the main events taking place in Padova, as well as the general research topics on which we are currently focusing.

Due to the current covid-19 health emergency, hegelpd’s research activities, like those of the entire scientific community, have been consistently slowed down or suspended. Where possible, we have tried to carry on our research activities with alternative methods.


2019/2020 RESEARCH SEMINAR: The topic of this year’s research seminar of the Doctoral School in Philosophy of the University of Padova is The Legacy of the Third Kantian Critique

The following seminars have taken place in 2020. The fifth one of this academic year with Gianluca Garelli on The Problem of the “Technique of Nature” in the Erste Einleitung in the Kritik der Urteilskraft (January 14th); the sixth one with Marcio Suzuki on Judgement and Vital Feeling. Kant – Schelling – Canguilhem (January 28th); the seventh one with Giulia Bernard on The “Episodic” Nature of KdU Paragraph 76. The Systematic Tension of a “Note” (April, 7th); the eight one with Claudia Cavaliere on The Logical Form of Harmony: Forms of the Understanding in Judgements of Taste (April, 21st); the ninth one with Silvestre Gristina on Critique of the Critique: Fichte Reader of the Critique of Judgement. The Importance of the Third Critique in the Building of the Wissenschaftslehre (May, 5th); the tenth and last one with Gabriele Tomasi on Remarks for a Kantian Aesthetic Cognitivism. The Case of Poetry (KU §§ 49-53) (May, 26th).


HEGELPD-PRIZE: On the occasion of the sixth birthday of hegelpd, the hegelpd-prize has been launched as acknowledgment to high-quality scientific contributions recently appeared in the field of Hegelian studies. The prize has been awarded to Angelica Nuzzo, for her book Approaching Hegel’s Logic, Obliquely. Melville, Molière, Beckett (New York, SUNY 2018). The author has been invited to Padova in the Fall 2020 to present her work and discuss it with the members of hegelpd.


PADOVA HEGEL-LECTURES: hegelpd organized a series of lectures with international Hegelian scholars in order to celebrate Hegel’s 250th birthday.

The first lecture, entitled What Is Absent from the Phenomenology of Spirit: The World? The Individual?, was held by Teresa Matějčkova on 11th February 2020.

Unfortunately, the following lectures have been postponed because of the outbreak of the pandemic.



Here a list of recent publications by members and collaborators of hegelpd:




  • Review of Thomas Khurana, Das Leben der Freiheit. Form und Wirklichkeit der Autonomie, by Luca Corti, Hegel Bulletin, 41 (1), 2020, 152-158.
  • Il concetto di vita in Hegel: due libri recenti, by Luca Illetterati: Review of Stefania Achella, Pensare la vita. Saggio su Hegel and Karen Ng, Hegel’s Concept of Life. Self-Consciousness, Freedom, Logic, hegelpd, May 14th, 2020.


FRANCESCA MENEGONI’S FAREWELL LECTURE: On 8th May, Professor Francesca Menegoni gave her farewell lecture. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, we were unable to attend the lecture and express our sincere gratitude for her teaching and commitment.

The University of Padova owes its international center for the study of classical German philosophy not only to the work of Franco Chiereghin, but also to Francesca Menegoni, who was Chiereghin’s student and took up this line of research in a new, original way, especially in the fields of philosophy of action and philosophy of religion.

We would like to thank Professor Menegoni for her tireless and dedicated teaching, the care for the students over the years, as well as her bright analysis of the topics she addressed in her lectures and research.

Our research group owes her a lot. Together with many students who have attended her classes in the past, we express our sincere and moved thanks.


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