Hegel’s Philosophy of Right: A Conference in Honor of Terry Pinkard (15-17 October online w/registration)

Hegel's Philosophy of Right: A Conference in Honor of Terry Pinkard (15-17 October online w/registration)

We are glad to give notice that the conference Hegel’s Philosophy of Right: A Conference in Honor of Terry Pinkard, hosted by the Philosophy Departments of Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, Georgia State University, and Iowa State University, will take place online with registration, 15-17 October 2021.

Please register for the event here.

You can find more information on the Hegel @ Hopkins website.

Below you can find the program of the event.


Friday, Oct. 15th

9:00 am
Dean Moyar – Opening Remarks

Chair: Dean Moyar

9:15 am
Robert Stern – ‘This is the very essence of the Reformation: Man in his very nature is destined to be free’: Hegel, Luther, and Freedom

10:15 am
Arash Abazari – Reading the Philosophy of Right in Light of the Logic: Hegel on the Possibility of Multiple Modernities

11:15 am
Thomas Khurana – True Right Against Formal Right, The Body of Right, and the Limits of Right

Chair: Lydia Moland

1:00 pm
Lydia Goehr – Mind your Ps and Qs: Thinking through Hegel on Provisionality and Qualification

2:00 pm
Jay Bernstein – A Withering of the Rose in the Cross of the Present: Actualizations and Failures of Actualization of Singularity and Universality in the History of Objective Spirit

3:00 pm
Andreja Novakovic – No Utopia: Hegel on the Gendered Division of Labor


Saturday, Oct. 16th

Chair: Kate Padgett Walsh

9:00 am
Paul Redding – The Significance of Plato for a ‘Disenchanted Aristotelian’ Version of Hegel’s Naturalism

10:00 am
Jean-François Kervegan – The Institutionality of Sittlichkeit

11:00 am
Stephen Houlgate – Civil Society and its Discontents: Hegel and the Problem of Poverty in the Modern State

Chair: Andreja Novakovic

1:00 pm
Robert Pippin – Hegel, Allegiance, and the Problem of Ethical Standing

2:00 pm
Michael Quante – Marx’s Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right: Dimensions and Deficits

3:00 pm
Mark Alznauer – Alle sind frei: Hegel’s Philosophy of History as Liberal Apologetics


Sunday, Oct. 17th

Chair: Huaping Lu-Adler

9:00 am
Ludwig Siep – Objective Spirit and Nature

10:00 am
Rahel Jaeggi – Progress, Revolution and History

11:00 am
Kate Padgett Walsh – Debt and the Limits of Freedom

Chair: Sebastian Rand

1:00 pm
Antón Barba-Kay – The Organic Lives of States

2:00 pm
Lydia Moland – Poetry and the Sense of History: Images, Narrative, and Justice in the Philosophy of Right

3:00 pm
Christopher Yeomans – Synchronic and Diachronic Aspects of Historicity in Hegel’s State


Further information on the speakers and the organization of the conference can be found by following this link.


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