hegelpd-prize 2022: results

On the occasion of the sixth birthday of hegelpd we have launched the first edition of hegelpdprize. The prize is meant to award a contribution, recently appeared in the field of Hegelian studies, which could offer a challenging possibility of discussion for the research group of classical German philosophy in Padova.

The latest year’s prize was granted to Christoph Menke’s Autonomie und Befreiung. Studien zu Hegel (Suhrkamp, 2018).

We received a large number of noteworthy proposals, which aroused a lot of interest in the committee members. The prize is intended to award not the “best” contribution – we do not want to make rankings – but the one that, for innovativeness and originality, meets the research interests of hegelpd. We sincerely thank all the researchers who have submitted their own or others’ contributions.

On that basis, we are happy to announce that the hegelpdprize 2022 goes to Gregory S. Moss’s Hegel’s Foundation Free Metaphysics: The Logic of Singularity (Routledge, 2020). Gregory S. Moss will be invited to Padova to present his work and to discuss it with the members of the research group at hegelpd and everyone who is interested. We will keep you updated!

Like last year, the committee awarded a mention to an article. This year’s mention for the hegelpdprize goes to Susanne Lettow, “Re-Articulating Genealogy. Hegel on Kinship, Race and Reproduction”, published online by Cambridge University Press in March 2019 (later appeared in Hegel Bulletin, 42 (2), 2021, 256-276).  

In addition, the members of hegelpd decide
d to award a posthumous honorary mention to Geografie dell’altrove. Studi su Hölderlin (Marsilio, 2020), by Luigi Reitani, who passed away last October. His precious interdisciplinary work on Hölderlin constitutes a benchmark for classical German Philosophy studies, and hegelpd intends in this way to pay tribute to him and his memory.
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