HPD-HOLIDAYS: Michela Bordignon, “Amore e concetto. Una sottotraccia nel cammino della filosofia hegeliana” (PUP, 2020)

HPD - HOLIDAYS: Franco Chiereghin, "Il superamento della coscienza dualistica e le dinamiche del Principio. Note in margine a Bhradarānyaka Upaniṣad I, 4 e II, 1" (PUP, 2020)

hegelpd takes a summer holiday. In this period we will be sharing recent essays and reviews by our research group.

We are glad to share the essay Amore e concetto. Una sottotraccia nel cammino della filosofia hegeliana, published in the volume Morality, Ethics, Religion between Classical German Philosophy and Contemporary Thought. Studies in Honor of Francesca Menegoni edited by Luca Illetterati, Armando Manchisi, Michael Quante, Alessandro Esposito and Barbara Santini (Padova University Press, 2020).

Here below you can find the abstract of the text:

In this article I outline the relation between two key moments of Hegel’s thought. The first one is his fragment on love, which embodies Hegel’s first insight in what will become his dialectical principle. The second one is the full development of this insight, which I trace back to the Science of Logic and, more specifically, to the dialectic of the concept, whose universality is defined as free love. By making explicit the convergence between these two moments of Hegel’s philosophy, I intend to shed light on the leitmotif orienting his philosophical path, which is the tireless search for a unitary principle of reality constitutively involving the most radical difference.

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