Forthcoming Events: Workshops & Conferences

hegelpd aims to be a space for both sharing resources and providing tools for those who work and study in the field of Classical German Philosophy. Below, you will find links to events on classical German philosophy. We are constantly striving to make hegelpd as useful as possible and welcome any suggestions in order to keep the site current – please send your comments/suggestions to


WORKSHOP: The Enlightenment and the Development of Philosophical Anthropology

University of Sydney, CCANESA Boardroom, Level 4, Madsen Building

4 – 6 November 2013




WORKSHOP: Exploring Hegel’s Psychology

Oxford Hegel Workshop

Trinity College, Oxford, Sutro Room

6 December 2013




CONFERENCE: Kant-Sellars Conference

University of Chicago

21 – 23 February 2014




CONFERENCE: Hegels Antwort auf Kant

XXX. Internationaler Hegel-Kongress der Internationalen Hegel-Gesellschaft und der Universität Wien

Universität Wien

23 – 26 April 2014




CONFERENCE: Hegel et le mouvement phénoménologique

Università di Pisa

10 – 13 June 2014




CONFERENCE: Hegel Without Metaphysics?

The 23rd Biennial Meeting of the Hegel Society of America

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

31 October – 2 November 2014




CONFERENCE: Hegel, Analytical Philosophy, and Formal Logic

Fort Wayne Campus, Fort Wayne Indiana 26805 USA

24 – 25 October 2014





by Michela Bordignon, Francesco Campana, Luca Corti, Giovanna Miolli


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