Conference: “The concept of relation in Hegel” (Bruxelles, 16th May 2014)

We are pleased to announce the approaching of a conference on “The concept of relation in Hegel” (16th May 2014).

The conference has been organized by the ‘Phi – Centre of research in philosophy’ (Phi – Centre de recherche en philosophie) of the ‘Faculty of Philosophy and Literature’ (Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres) of the ‘Free University of Bruxelles’ (ULB), and by the Belgian contact-group of research on Hegel’s philosophy of the FNRS (National Funding for Scientific Research).

The talks that will be presented and discussed cover both Hegel’s Logic and his Philosophy of Reality (Realphilosophie), so that they will help to explore a rich variety of topics, ranging from the most classic and ineludible ones, such as the analysis of relevant sections of the Doctrine of essence and the critical confrontation between the Kantian and the Hegelian way of understanding categories, to those that invest the actual concerns about the theory of truth and the social-relational constitution of the acting subject.

Place of the conference: Campus du Solbosch (ULB), Auditoire K4. 601.

For more information about the program of the conference, see the link below:

Visit also the site of the Phi – Centre de recherche en philosophie and of the société hégélienne francophone.




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