Conference: “Religion, Normativity and Politics: Grounds and Implications of Deep Disagreements” (Oxford, 17-18 May 2019)

We are glad to give notice of the conference Religion, Normativity and Politics: Grounds and Implications of Deep Disagreements, which will take place on May 17th-18th at the University of Oxford.

The event is organised under the aegis of the British Academy Newton Advanced Fellowship “Dealing Ethically with Conflicts Between Deep Disagreements: A Dual Critical-Hermeneutic Account”. The conference is generously supported by the British Academy and jointly organised with the Oxford Forum and the Stanford University Centre in Oxford.

Convenors: Roxana Baiasu (Oxford) and Ruhi Demiray (Berlin).

The attendance is free but places are limited. Please contact Roxana Baiasu if you wish to attend.

Below you can find the programme of the event.


Friday, 17 May

Kant, God and Metaphysics by Edward Kanterian: Book Symposium

Venue: The Garden Room, Stanford University Centre, High Street, Oxford.

09:30–9:40: Roxana Baiasu (Oxford): Welcome and Introduction

09:40–10:00: Edward Kanterian (Kent): Kant, God and Metaphysics: Opening Remarks

10:00–11:15: Jonathan Head (Keele): Kant’s Project in The Only Possible Proof-Ground for a Demonstration of the Existence of God

Chair: Ruhi Demiray (Berlin)

11:15–11:30: Tea/Coffee break

11:30–12:45: Seán Molloy (Kent): The Foul Stain of Our Species

Chair: Yossi Nehushtan (Keele)

12:45–13:45: Lunch break (own arrangements)

13:45–15:00: Margit Ruffing (Mainz): On Edward Kanterian’s Kant, God and Metaphysics: The Secret Thorn

Chair: Maria-Sibylla Lotter (Bochum)

15:00–15:15: Tea/Coffee break

15:15–16:30: James DiCenso (Toronto): Kant, Kanterian and the Varieties of Weak Reason

Chair: Sebastian Orlander (Keele)

16:30–16:45: Tea/Coffee break

16:45–18:00: Edward Kanterian (Kent): Reply to My Critics

Chair: Roxana Baiasu (Oxford)


Saturday, 18 May 2019

Freedom and Political Disagreement

Venue: The Garden Room, Stanford University Centre, High Street, Oxford.

09:30–09:45: Ruhi Demiray (Berlin) and Sorin Baiasu (Keele): Opening Remarks

09:45–11:00: Dieter Schönecker (Siegen): Protecting Freedom

Chair: James DiCenso (Toronto)

11:00–11:20: Tea/coffee break

11:20–12:35: Maria Sibylla Lotter (Bochum): The Dissident as Fiend. The Trouble with Moral Disagreement

Chair: Seán Molloy (Kent)

12:35–13:35: Lunch break (own arrangements)

13:35–14:50: Yossi Nehushtan (Keele): TBA

Chair: Edward Kanterian (Kent)

14:50–15:10: Tea/coffee break

15:10–16:25: Ruhi Demiray (Berlin): What Does One Owe to Far-right Populists in a Liberal Democracy?

Chair: Elke Schmidt (Siegen)

16:25–16:45: Tea/coffee break

16:45–18:00: Sorin Baiasu (Keele): Disagreement, Toleration and Freedom

Chair: Amna Whiston (Oxford)


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